How Does Radon Gas Exposure Affect You?

People are said to be much conscious when it comes to their health! However, we don’t often see the sense when we consider the case of radon exposure. Still, a huge number of American homes haven’t taken right measures to prevent the exposure of radon gas in their day-to-day life. Sometimes, we think it’s because of the lack of knowledge. Most people do not know how badly does Radon gas affect your lives.

So, we decided to do an article on the health impacts of indoor radon gas. Before we begin, we will see what’s up with Radon as a gas.

What’s Radon?

As to the question what is radon, it’s a naturally occurring gas — which is present in different parts of earth! In fact, when you breathe the air from outside, there may be a negligible amount of radon in it. Because the amount is negligible, it may not have a big impact on your body or the total health. However, things are not the same when the radon gas gets into your home indoors. Due to several reasons, the radon becomes a lot more concentrated – so do the aftermath impacts. Well, there are a few other things you must know about Radon gas.

You may be amazed if you take a look at how radon is made. Do you know that there is Uranium present in rocks and soil that you find around you? Once again, it’s because of the lower concentration that you don’t find the results. However, when these Uranium elements are decayed, a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas will be made. Despite having all these undetectable characters, this gas is radioactive. This is Radon that we are talking about.

It’s from the same soil, rock and water that Radon makes its way to your home indoors.

How it Affects Your Body

We already told you that Radon is a radioactive gas. Some of you would have guessed what it means to take in a radioactive gas. If you haven’t, let’s take a deep look into the same.

We hope you know the fact that there are many dust particles in your home. So, suppose some radon gas is inside your home. In a few seconds, the gas will start decaying and some other atoms will be made. All these atoms will quickly bond with the dust particles. And, you would know how much of dust we are inhaling all the day. So, that’s how Radon makes its way to our lungs.

The activity of these atoms don’t end when they have reached your lungs. When these atoms decay, there will be the presence of alpha radiation, which is quite dangerous. Alpha radiation is a major cause for some DNA disruptions and related issues, thereby leading to mutation. And, there it is — Cancer. So, if you want to keep all these technicalities aside, inhaling of Radon will cause Cancer in the long run.

The Worst Part of Radon Effects

The worst part about Radon’s activity is the time requirement. You cannot see the results of radon in a day or two. It takes years and years until you see the symptoms of cancer. That is, even if you have inhaled some noticeable amount of radon gas from your indoors, you won’t see the results for a few years. That is one of the same reasons why many people are infected by lung cancer, even without noticeable reasons.

Chances are very low that the alpha radiation created by radon decay will move to the other organs. That is why the only outcome of radon is lung cancer. That is not a relief, we know. What we want to say is another thing. If you are a smoker, the radon inhaling would make things worse than you imagine. You are already consuming a lot of bad stuff, and even the slightest amount of radon will be enough to take you down.

We hope that answers your various queries about radon gas exposure and its impacts. Don’t worry; it’s not that late, and there are a few things you can do.

What to Do?

Let’s make this brief.

As we said, Radon is a naturally-occurring gas and there may be a standard amount of it in the air. So, first thing you have to do is to check whether the amount of radon present in your room is higher. Either, you’d get the help of a professional expert. Or, even easily, you can get one of the best radon gas detectors from the market. And, if you find the presence to be higher than the healthy level, you have to take the actions towards radon mitigation. Here, however, you would need professional help for sure.

Summing Up

So, that’s how you are going to be affected if you inhale too much of indoor radon. That’s compelling enough to take the right steps, don’t you think? Well, we are waiting to know your opinion about the same.

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