How To Prevent Radon Gas in your House

Most of you know that Radon is a seriously dangerous gas that can cause cancerous diseases if exposed to; there is no escape from that fact, either. And, as a matter of fact, around 80% of homes are said to have this dangerous gas inside them, harming thousands of people every year. In short, as long as you are concerned about the health of your family, there is no way to get over this trouble of Radon gas Mac. In fact, you will have to address this issue with the help of latest technology and other features.

While there are hundreds of expensive radon mitigation methods, there are some simpler ones too. if you’d spend some time and effort, some tips can help you prevent radon in your home. In a shorter period of time, you can have a radon-free environment for your kids and others. After all, who needs their sweet home to cause a cancerous disease.

So, in this article, we have come up with some methods that will help you to prevent radon from your home and lead a healthy life. Some of them should be followed before building your house. Yet, there are some to save your current house from the bad impacts of radon. Shall we start?

A Note on the Sources of Radon

Before we begin the tips, it should be noted that Radon gets into your house from different methods. if we’re considering the case of indoor sources, you can count in home construction materials, radon that is included in water supply and rock and soil that you find under your building. So, it is not possible for you to look into the air and see if there is the presence of Radon in it.

While You Are Building the House

Take a look at the following tips and methods if you are going to build your house and want to make it free from Radon and its impacts. Because you are spending less money and closing all the loopholes, you can be less worried. However, please note that we are building a passive radon control system.

  • First of all, you need to make an extra protection layer that is beneath flooring system of your home. You can, for instance, use a four-layer gravel for the purpose. However, if you have a crawlspace, you don’t have to worry about this extra layer.
  • For extra protection and to prevent radon from going upwards, it is recommended use a plastic layer for this purpose.
  • Make sure that there are no cracks in the foundation or flooring. If there are some, fix them.
  • Now, you have to connect the extra space/crawlspace to the roof using a gas-tight pipe. This pipe is making sure that the radon gas is directly brought to the rooftop air, instead of entering your homes.
  • In addition, you can set up a vent fan amidst the gas-tight pipe. This way, you can make sure that the radon gas is pulled and brought onto the rooftop area.

If you follow the steps before building the home, you are going to be less worried about Radon. You can do it manually if you are building the home by yourself. Or, if there are some contractors involved in, you would have to get professional’s help to get things done.

After You Have Built Your House

This happens if you have brought the house from someone else. They might not have done anything towards the problem of radon presence. If that’s the case, you can consider the following methods for rescue.

Before you implement these methods, you have to make sure that you are testing the amount of radon that is present in your home. Radon, being a naturally occurring gas, can be present in a healthy amount. Having said that, you need to ensure that the amount is lesser than the threshold level. We recommend using one of the best radon detection kits for the purpose — either passive or active. If you want to have a device that you can use for testing every room for radon, we recommend going for an active radon detection.

If the amount or radon present is higher than the healthy levels, it’s time to follow some tips.

  • If you don’t want to get into it manually, you can seek the help of an authorized professional. He/she would be familiar with the different types of radon mitigation systems and will be able to choose the right one for your sole purpose.
  • Covering Exposed Earth is one of the effective methods of radon prevention. You have to use a layer of high-density polyethylene plastic. This layer makes sure that Radon does not enter your house via soil.
  • Alternatively, you can use a HRV — Heat Recovery Ventilation — system to get rid of radon. This will make sure that Radon is navigated to the outside option.

Summing Up

Well, these are some effective ways to get rid of radon in your house. As you saw, things are easier if you’d be building your own house. In that case, you can simply insert that extra layer and get rid of radon. Even if you haven’t done that, don’t worry. There are some highly talented professionals who can help you with the whole thing of radon mitigation. No matter whether you are using the mitigation system, be sure that you’re testing your home for radon.

What is Radon Gas? How does it Produce without your Notice?

In the past decade, there have been plenty of discussions about Radon gas and the consequences of indoor Radon. Still, it’s quite amazing to find that people do not really know about the possible threats of having it in your home indoors. It’s more or less because they do not know about Radon and how it is produced, even without their own knowledge. In most cases, people don’t really understand the presence of Radon, unless they conduct a systematic test, using a radon detector or by a professional expert.

In this article, as a part of public awareness, we would be talking about what is Radon and how it is produced without your notice. We will move onto the first question, shall we?

What is Radon?

Simply speaking, Radon is a gas that is present in our environment. However, chemically speaking, it’s a really dangerous radioactive gas that can cause several issues. So, when you inhale an unhealthy amount of Radon into your lungs, you will be exposed to cancer, especially lung cancer. Nevertheless, this does not happen if you are exposed to the naturally present radon in the air we breathe. It’s something else that cause all these problems of cancer — indoor radon.

Yes, you heard that right. Radon can easily get into our homes, in a shorter amount of time. When it’s inside homes, the intensity will be higher and you would end up inhaling an unhealthy amount of radon. This does not happen in all the cases, because there are certain ways how Radon gets into home indoors. But, what is to be noted here is the fact that the whole production and mixing of Radon happens without your notice. You can prevent it if you can detect it.

How It is Produced without Your Notice?

This is the big question, for sure. Before we talk about production of Radon, be aware of some things. First, Radon cannot be detected by human eyes, nose or touch. It’s an odor-less, color-less and tasteless gas that makes its entry to our home indoors. That is why we require specially-constructed testing kits for detecting the same.

Coming to the production of Radon, it’s completely natural. As you know, Uranium is a radioactive element. It is present in various parts of nature, such as soil, rocks and normal water. In the course of time, Uranium starts to decay and Radon is emitted as the result. This radon makes its ways to home indoors through many ways — wall breaks, in most cases. That is how your rooms and halls get filled with Radon.

However, a few factors matter when it comes to the amount of Radon that is produced. For instance, every region will have a specific amount of Uranium in the soil and water — so does the production of Radon. It’s also dependent on the weather and other aspect. In short, it’s not possible to give the universal estimate on radon gas that is present.

Why Should I Care?

We know you have this question, and we have a convincing answer — quite scientific.

Suppose you have a home with a huge basement. In that case, amount of Radon that would get into home indoors is really high. Even without the radon stuff, your indoor will be filled with dust and mites — even if you are using a high-end air purifier. So, Radon gets attached to the dust mites and makes its waste to your lungs. Once the gas is in your lungs, it starts to decay. It needs to be noted that the decaying process would take years and years. So, years would have passed when you detect cancer in your own body.

That’s pretty horrifying, isn’t it? Well, in case if you did not know, a huge amount of deaths is happening in the United States, every single year, due to the presence of Radon. While Radon doesn’t have any other health risks, lung cancer is something that you should never get.

What Can I Do?

Here are some things you can do if you want to get rid of Radon and its health risks.

  • If you have a home with/without basements, do a thorough test for Radon presence. If you are using an active radon detector, consult a professional expert for effective radon mitigation tasks.
  • Get in touch with authorities and experts to find out the healthy level of radon in your region. It does change depending on where you are.
  • Always get a long-term radon tests, if possible. It will give you a precise idea about the risky levels of radon that may be in your indoors.
  • If you are going to build your home, make sure that there is a mechanism to bring the radon gas from basement area to the outer area. You can simply connect a gas-tight pipe or something like that.

Summing Up

We hope, now, you have a clear idea about Radon and how it can harm your body if present indoors. We do also believe that you would take necessary steps for testing for Radon and mitigation of this dangerous gas.

Best Radon Gas Detector Reviews: Top Comparison

We can’t live a day without breathing, you know! But, we don’t breathe just oxygen.
In fact, there are some truly dangerous gases out there in earth’s atmosphere; gases that can cause a lot of issues, including cancer. And, Radon is the most hazardous one from the list. You will need a best radon gas detector to find it.

That is why it’s recommended to use one of the best radon gas detectors at your home — so that you would know if the gas is inside your home. Once again, as it’s the case with any other product, you can’t simply go and choose one machine from the huge list. It requires a lot of time and deep subject-knowledge for a better selection.

Now that you are here, don’t worry. We have created a well-curated list of the best radon detector machines in the market, along with in-depth reviews of the devices.

How We Selected

Because we had shortlisted the best products in market — conforming to the industry standards —, we were able to test around 20 products in a thorough manner. There were both short-term and long-term radon gas detectors, which we tried for the recommended period of time. We also believe that long-term detectors do best when it comes to accuracy of the detected radon-gas levels. One thing we can assure you is this: you’d have the best detection rates and accurate results, no matter which product you pick from our list.

Best Radon Gas Detectors

#1Corentium Home by AirThingsCompact Design
#2Safety Siren Pro Series3Affordable & Easy
#3First Alert RD1Simple & Effective
#4Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100Passive & Inexpensive
#5AirThings Corentium Pro DigitalExpensive & Advanced

#1 – Corentium Home by AirThings Radon Gas Detector – Best for Perfect Accuracy

One of the best choices in market, Corentium Home by AirThings Radon Gas Detector shows you the accurate results in terms of radon detection. I have used this product for a long while, during which I was so impressed and satisfied. I would recommend this product if you are looking forward to find the amount of radon in the course of time.

There are a few things that make Corentium Home by AirThings Radon Gas Detector the best radon detector you can get — quality of the construction being the pivotal one. We tried the product in different situations, and the accuracy of results remained so perfect. In a single look, you can know about short-term and long-term radon concentration. Thanks to the digital analysis technologies, you won’t have to re-check anything.

Coming to the specifications and design, this radon test kit is pretty compact, at 4.75” x 2.75” x 1” thickness. We did not have any trouble in keeping this product in various parts of our home, for advanced and precise results. Because the device is powered by three AAA batteries, there is no concern about compatibility also. You will be able to take it anywhere you like and power it on.

Corentium Home by AirThings Radon Gas Detector makes use of international-quality construction for best-level accuracy. The results won’t be affected by electromagnetic interference, dust or humidity. I found this superb because I don’t want to compromise the accuracy of results. Some people may say that the product is a bit pricier. However, as far as I’m concerned, I’m ready to pay for the professional-quality results.

At the end of the day, be it for continual observation or singular purposes, this gas detector from AirThings is just the best for professional. If not for your home, you can use the same for professional needs as well.


  • Best accuracy levels
  • Impressive lifetime up to 10 Years
  • Professional-quality, Compact design


  • A bit Pricier

Our Take: We have the product for a long while, and I could not find anything wrong with the system or results in the entire usage period. Corentium Home by AirThings Radon Gas Detector is surely the best radon testing kit we have ever come across, especially because we are strict about accuracy of results. You should go with this radon gas monitor if you are ready to pay a bit more for professional-quality results.

#2 – Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector – Affordable, Active and Easy to Use

At the first look, this radon detector may look a bit rudimentary. It does not look like an advanced machine, for sure. However, after using the product for a relatively longer period of time, we believe Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector is one of the affordable choices. By paying a bit less, you are getting all the same accuracy, but you may have to compromise the classy design.

Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector

Family Safety Products has been one of the trusted names when it comes to this category — so are all their results. Just like the other product we mentioned above, this one also gives you short-term reading and long-term reading. You just have to press a single button to toggle the readings. I must say, despite the older look it has, the LCD Panel is easy to read for all age groups.

First things first, I got the radon test results just after 48 Hours of installing Safety Siren Pro SeUp ries3 Radon Gas Detector. This is a great feature, especially if you have an inspection coming ahead. You can also have a short-term reading average for up to 7 days or a long-term average for up to 5 years. No matter whether it is single-time testing or a continuous analysis; the device showed us the perfect accuracy.

In addition, Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector makes sure that air is updated every 24 years — so that your results are accurate to the point. One thing about the product is it should be plugged into the wall socket. So, if you are looking for the portability aspect, it can be a problem at times. Otherwise, total power and performance of the device is just superb.

Summing up, while Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector shows you both continual and instant testing results, we recommend using it for home purposes only. Portability can be a problem too.


  • Standard Accuracy
  • Daily Self-Test
  • Daily Updates of Air
  • Easy to Use


  • Not Portable
  • Rudimentary Design

Our Take: Safety Siren Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector may not be suitable for professional needs of radon detection. In spite of that fact, you won’t have trouble in single-time or continuous detection of radon at your homes. While we loved the performance and features, portability can be a problem for you. However, as far as you are using it in a single room, it’s all good with this device.

#3 – First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit – Simple Yet Effective

Up above, we have discussed two fully fledged devices that can detect the amount of radon in the home. In the next position, however, I thought of recommending an effective radon gas test kit, which is also one of the best. For an amount less than $20, you are getting a standard method of radon detection. However, we should warn you that you have to send the kit to the lab for analysing the results and taking actions.

First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit

On top of everything, First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit is a complete kit for radon testing. All you have to place the testing materials on the particular room or area and wait for the test to take place. The kit is said to take care of up to 2000 Square ft. of area, which is pretty much. If you have open areas for testing, this is good to go with.

In our experience, First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit testing period was around 2 to 4 days. And, we just had to send the kit to the lab for getting the results. At the same time, it needs to be noted that you will be doing a short-term test, and that long-term tests are not possible with this device. There isn’t much to talk about the usability part either.

As to the question why I recommend First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit, there are many answers. First of all, you are spending the least amount of money on it. There are no hidden charges and you are getting a kind of complete package. That having said, you will have to pay the postage fee if you want to get back the lab results and recommendations.

Considering all these, we can recommend First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit for home needs. however, you have to use separate kits for separate floors.


  • Easy to Use
  • Inexpensive
  • Extensive Coverage


  • No Long-Term Test Support

Our Take: First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit does not come with any fancy feature. All it does is keeping calm and try to analyse the amount of radon gas at your home. If you are ready to take that effort of sending the kit into a lab and waiting for the results, this inexpensive kit is right for you.

#4 – Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100 – Passive Test, inexpensive and Worth-Buying

Once again, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on radon detection, this can be a good option. Just be aware that you have to send the results to lab for confirmation and further recommendations regarding the presence of radon. It’s quite amazing that you can use Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100 for a short-term test of 3 months or a long-term test of up to 1 year.

Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100

Using this radon test kit was an easy task for me, because I just had to place the device on a single room. I’d looked for a short-term test and I had to send the device to the lab, thanks to the pre-addressed paid package it came with. One thing to be noted here is that Accustar Labs is an authentic source when you want to deal with radon detection and other stuff.

Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100 may require around 10 days for the complete testing. After that, you’d get the results mailed back to you. In fact, I found this process really easy for any user. There are not many things to worry about; nor will you have to learn about the healthier levels of radon. All you have to do is to wait for a few days to get back the results from Accustar Labs.

Despite all these, it’s worth noting that Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100 cannot be used for shorter-term tests. If you ask us, though, we recommend going for around 3 months of testing period — unless it’s really necessary to get instant results. Also, you are getting the perks of portability, since batteries or power source are not involved.

Summing all these up, the product is suitable for utter newbies. As said, the process is simple and you don’t have to spend a lot for getting it.


  • Easy to Use
  • All the fees are pre-paid
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Possible


  • Short-Term is limited to 3 Months

Our Take: As said earlier, Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100 is one of the simplest solutions to check your home air for radon. The reason why we recommend this product is the authenticity of the results. The Accustar Labs happens to be one of the most trusted voices when it comes to results. Given that you can test for radon in 3-month or 1-Year period, it’s all great too.

#5 – AirThings Corentium Pro Digital Radon Monitor – Expensive and Advanced

As the last product in our list of the best radon gas detector reviews, we have this pretty-advanced device! AirThings Corentium Pro Digital Radon Monitor is not recommended for the common home users out there. On the other hand, it’s my suggestion if you are serious about radon detection and want to use the device for commercial purposes as well. For instance, if you are testing for radon in an office environment or so.

AirThings Corentium Pro Digital Radon Monitor

It’s a pure piece of technology that amazes you when you are a busy radon professional or a home inspector. This tiny box is equipped with four radon sensors, a battery that can live up to 2 years, 5 years of data storage and wireless connectivity options. In short, you can accurately detect the amount of radon present in the air and store it for the time to come. Alternatively, you can access the data from your smartphone.

By now, it should be clear that AirThings Corentium Pro Digital Radon Monitor is suitable for professionals only. If you run hundreds of radon tests every year and want to store data and send detailed reports, this is going to be the optimal device for your needs. Moreover, it’s pretty compact and portable Exposure. Weighing just .66 lbs, you won’t have trouble in taking this device anywhere.

As if these are not enough, AirThings Corentium Pro Digital Radon Monitor has some additional features too. For instance, it comes with a few sensors for pressure, temperature and humidity; so, when you connect it to a computer or smartphone, you get all the information for a detailed report. Other noticeable features of the radon gas detector set include customized report making, delay-system and tamper-resistant design.

Bringing all these together, we have many reasons to recommend AirThings Corentium Pro Digital Radon Monitor to the professionals. Of course, you should be able to spend a lot of money here.


  • Digital System
  • 4 Radon Sensors
  • Large Battery Life
  • Wireless Connectivity via Bluetooth Smart
  • Lightweight, Compact
  • Advanced Functionalities


  • Really Expensive

Our Take: Of course, I would not say AirThings Corentium Pro Digital Radon Monitor is for the common people. I know that it’s truly expensive, advanced and has a lot of functions inside. Because of all these, I would recommend it only when you are a professional, who needs many features and expanded storage. Needless to say, you’d have to spend a lot of money.

Buying Guide for Radon Gas Detectors

Now that you have seen our top recommendations for radon gas detectors, we can make a few things clear. It is no easy task to choose the right type of radon gas detector solution for your purpose — even when you are living in a small home. We had already mentioned that radon exists almost everywhere and a really huge amount of people are dying due to cancerous diseases, which are actually caused by the presence of radon at their homes.

Therefore, as long as you are concerned about the health of your family and the live-ability of your home, you should be careful enough to make the right pick. Here, we will share some general stuff that would help you choose the best radon gas detector for your purpose.

Types of Radon Gas Detectors

Obviously, there are different types of radon gas detectors you can check out. However, as far as home users are concerned, radon gas detectors can be classified into two — Passive Detectors and Active Detectors.

Passive Radon Gas Detectors

This type of radon gas detectors is one package that comes with radon detection set-up. Inside the package, you would be able to spot the right devices for capturing the accurate amount of radon. To use this type of radon detectors, you have to keep it in a particular room or the area. It’s to be noted that the coverage area depends upon how much you can spend and the brand it comes from. Once you have placed the device in the room for the mentioned amount of time, you can send it back to a lab, where it would be tested. Afterwards, you will receive the results and possibly a set of recommendations. When compared to the upcoming type, passive radon gas detectors are easy to use and affordable.

Active Radon Gas Detectors

As opposed to the aforementioned variant, active radon gas detectors come with all the hardware for testing and analysing purposes. So, once you place it in a room for a given amount of time, you can start seeing the exact amount of radon that is present in the room or the hall. Here, however, you have a few sub-sections as well. For instance, you will be able to purchase digital radon detectors if you want. These devices will be showing you a lot of related information along with the amount of radon gas present. On the other hand, a few devices will just show you the amount of gas in a LCD/LED Display. Also, like the third product we have mentioned above, you can have some advanced features too.

Things to Look for

For choosing the best products, you need to consider some major factors too. Some of them are:

  • Power

This is applicable only if you are purchasing an active radon detector set. As we said, it’s an electronic device and it needs to be powered on for functioning. So, there are two major choices — battery-operated or just connected to the wall-socket. Here, the first one gives you the freedom of portability. You can just take the device into any room, when you need to have accurate results from every area. On the other hand, socket-based ones are rather fixed. In short, it’s up to you to make the selection.

  • Testing Period

Radon Tests, once again in active detectors, can be conducted over different spans of time. For instance, you can perform daily checks or weekly checks. Or, if you are looking forward to find the yearly average, you get an option for that too. However, not all devices offer this versatility when it comes to results. So, before you pay the money, make sure that the device is compatible with the desired testing span. For instance, if you’ve an inspection coming up, you would need a radon detector that gives you the results in a few days.

  • Price

Of course, you would be concerned about what you are paying for the machine. As said earlier, passive radon detectors are much affordable than the other kind. On the other hand, because they are coming with all the sorts of electronic hardware, active radon gas detectors would cost you a bit more. Indeed, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, passive detectors will also give you a documented proof for the radon gas levels, while the other one does not. On the other hand, active radon detectors would be used in different situations and rooms.

  • Accuracy

No matter what, you must not compromise the accuracy of the radon gas detector you are buying. Always be sure that you are getting the correct reading all the time. The best thing you can do is to purchase one of the best products from reputed brands, if you are getting an active device. On the other hand, if you want to get a passive device, make sure that the lab is reputed. Otherwise, you may end up having some faulty lab result.

These aspects need to be considered for the best selection of the best radon detector kit. In addition, if you happen to be a professional who takes care of radon levels and radon mitigation, you can get an advanced package like the last recommendation in our list. That way, you would be able to take care of the radon level in different homes/commercial spaces and get a detailed report of the same.

Wrapping Up

So, you have seen some of the best radon gas monitor and radon detector solutions from the market. While it is completely up to you to choose, you have to consider some aspects too. For instance, you don’t have to spend more than $1000 for a radon detector solution – unless you are looking for professional quality and a few advanced features like wireless connectivity. In the same way, make sure that you can make the right selection between passive and active radon detectors out there, especially when you are concerned about the time required for showing test results.

  • Corentium Home by AirThings
  • Safety Siren Pro Series3
  • First Alert RD1
  • Accustar Alpha Track Test Kit AT 100
  • AirThings Corentium Pro Digital



No matter what device you are using, make sure you do the after-results things right. If you think the amount of radon is way too high, necessary steps should be taken for radon mitigation. You can use the methods that are available in market or contact a radon mitigation expert from the professional world. Either way, it is up to you to select. Nevertheless, always be sure that your home has the least amount of radon in it. Also, while setting up radon mitigation options, make sure that you are getting rid of the possible ways that radon gets into your house through. And, trust me when I say that, these tips are going to make your lives less risky when it comes to cancer and cancerous diseases.

How Does Radon Gas Exposure Affect You?

People are said to be much conscious when it comes to their health! However, we don’t often see the sense when we consider the case of radon exposure. Still, a huge number of American homes haven’t taken right measures to prevent the exposure of radon gas in their day-to-day life. Sometimes, we think it’s because of the lack of knowledge. Most people do not know how badly does Radon gas affect your lives.

So, we decided to do an article on the health impacts of indoor radon gas. Before we begin, we will see what’s up with Radon as a gas.

What’s Radon?

As to the question what is radon, it’s a naturally occurring gas — which is present in different parts of earth! In fact, when you breathe the air from outside, there may be a negligible amount of radon in it. Because the amount is negligible, it may not have a big impact on your body or the total health. However, things are not the same when the radon gas gets into your home indoors. Due to several reasons, the radon becomes a lot more concentrated – so do the aftermath impacts. Well, there are a few other things you must know about Radon gas.

You may be amazed if you take a look at how radon is made. Do you know that there is Uranium present in rocks and soil that you find around you? Once again, it’s because of the lower concentration that you don’t find the results. However, when these Uranium elements are decayed, a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas will be made. Despite having all these undetectable characters, this gas is radioactive. This is Radon that we are talking about.

It’s from the same soil, rock and water that Radon makes its way to your home indoors.

How it Affects Your Body

We already told you that Radon is a radioactive gas. Some of you would have guessed what it means to take in a radioactive gas. If you haven’t, let’s take a deep look into the same.

We hope you know the fact that there are many dust particles in your home. So, suppose some radon gas is inside your home. In a few seconds, the gas will start decaying and some other atoms will be made. All these atoms will quickly bond with the dust particles. And, you would know how much of dust we are inhaling all the day. So, that’s how Radon makes its way to our lungs.

The activity of these atoms don’t end when they have reached your lungs. When these atoms decay, there will be the presence of alpha radiation, which is quite dangerous. Alpha radiation is a major cause for some DNA disruptions and related issues, thereby leading to mutation. And, there it is — Cancer. So, if you want to keep all these technicalities aside, inhaling of Radon will cause Cancer in the long run.

The Worst Part of Radon Effects

The worst part about Radon’s activity is the time requirement. You cannot see the results of radon in a day or two. It takes years and years until you see the symptoms of cancer. That is, even if you have inhaled some noticeable amount of radon gas from your indoors, you won’t see the results for a few years. That is one of the same reasons why many people are infected by lung cancer, even without noticeable reasons.

Chances are very low that the alpha radiation created by radon decay will move to the other organs. That is why the only outcome of radon is lung cancer. That is not a relief, we know. What we want to say is another thing. If you are a smoker, the radon inhaling would make things worse than you imagine. You are already consuming a lot of bad stuff, and even the slightest amount of radon will be enough to take you down.

We hope that answers your various queries about radon gas exposure and its impacts. Don’t worry; it’s not that late, and there are a few things you can do.

What to Do?

Let’s make this brief.

As we said, Radon is a naturally-occurring gas and there may be a standard amount of it in the air. So, first thing you have to do is to check whether the amount of radon present in your room is higher. Either, you’d get the help of a professional expert. Or, even easily, you can get one of the best radon gas detectors from the market. And, if you find the presence to be higher than the healthy level, you have to take the actions towards radon mitigation. Here, however, you would need professional help for sure.

Summing Up

So, that’s how you are going to be affected if you inhale too much of indoor radon. That’s compelling enough to take the right steps, don’t you think? Well, we are waiting to know your opinion about the same.

How to Test for Radon Gas in your Home?

One dangerous thing about Radon is that you cannot detect it, by taste, color or odor. So, the only method to find out whether there is Radon in your house is to test for it. Don’t worry; unlike most of you think, it is an easy task and does not require much effort. Of course, you will have to follow a bunch of steps and pick the right type of Radon detection methods for your needs to prevent it. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the steps you should follow for testing your home for Radon gas. If there’s a positive response, you will have to follow Radon mitigation systems as well.

How Can I Do a Radon Test at Home?

Here, you have two choices. Either, you can do it all by yourself. Or, if you don’t want to take some effort, it is always good to hire some professional experts. Nevertheless, if you ask us, it always makes sense to do a device-based test for Radon first and then consult an expert for further actions to be done. Because of that same fact, we will be talking about how you can test for radon, all by your own.

So, first of all, you have to get a Radon Detector device. It’s a pre-packaged device with enough hardware to find out the presence of Radon at a particular place. If you think about it, just talking about the presence is not enough — you have to know if the levels are beyond healthy considerations. So, as it happens, the device can also give you precise information on the amount of radon exists in your home/room.

But, that’s not so direct, because there are two types of Radon detectors in market.

Types of Radon Detectors

We will have an overview on both the major types of radon detectors — Active Radon Detectors and Passive Radon Detectors.

Active Radon Detectors

These are the modern type of Radon detectors you can find in the market. These are a bit expensive but can be quite useful in the long run. Active radon detectors not only detect the amount of radon in the room but also show the amount in the attached display. Depending on the budget, you can get LCD or LED display for the purpose. In some advanced devices, you can get different sets of information such as short-term average and long-term average and even humidity and temperature.

Passive Radon Detectors

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution, you should go for Passive Radon Detectors. These devices do have only one task — to detect the amount of Radon that is present in your room or hall. After a particular time for detection, you have to send the unit back to the corresponding labs, where it would be analyzed. In a few days or weeks, you will receive a detailed report about the presence of radon and things to do about it. These devices require you to wait a few days for detection and knowing about further actions.

The Choice and Selection

This really depends upon why you are getting it and how much you will be using the radon detector for. For instance, if you are looking for a single-time usage, we would recommend going for Passive Radon detectors. Once you have sent it back to the lab, you can get the right suggestions from expert team. On the other hand, if you are looking for a continuous detection and analysis, active detectors are good. Depending on the need, you can get long-term or short-term readings of radon presence. According to the results, the necessary actions can also be taken. Here, however, you need the external support once again.

After You Have Brought

Depending on the type of radon detector you have bought, you have to do the following things.

If You Have an Active Detector,

  • You have to do a test on long-term or short-term manner
  • Note down the Radon reading that you got at the end of the session
  • Consult a professional expert with this Radon reading results
  • Or, you can get some authentic sources to verify the healthy levels of radon/

And, if the existing Radon levels are higher than the healthy bar, you have to take some steps for mitigation.

If You Have a Passive Detector,

  • Place the radon detector in a room/hall for the mentioned period of time.
  • After the course of time, you have to take the device out and send it to the mentioned address.
  • Wait for a few days or weeks, while the unit would be analyzed for understanding the amount of gas present.
  • You will receive a detailed report — an authoritative one — with the amount and suggestion on the removal of same.

Now, you can take the right decisions to remove the presence of Indoor radon at your home.

Summing Up

Although it seems otherwise, Radon detection and tests are not Rocket Science. They can be done with the same simplicity of using a mobile phone or something. So, that’s a good thing to protect your home and your family from cancerous diseases, don’t you think?