3 Best Antivirus Software for Mac

Macintosh computers are said to be free from malicious attacks and creepy intruders who steal people’s data from their computers. That is true to many extent, but hackers have been improvising while the myth has been established and as a matter of fact, Macs can now be infected with malware. Since Macintosh computers are machines with network connection, anyone really good with codes could get access to one’s files stored in a Mac computer or corrupt the apps to devastate life. Before that happens, having an antivirus for Macintosh computer would really be of so much help.

antivirus for mac

To assist the Mac users in confusion, we hereby present here 3 best antivirus apps for Apple Mac OS.

Bitdefender Antivirus

If you don’t mind paying for a good antivirus app, then Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is the program you should purchase. Yearly charge for this antivirus is $39.95 per year, with additional offers for upgrades every year. Bitdefender Antivirus has passed the AV-Test of April 2015 with a 100 percent accuracy rate – no malware could get past Bitdefender’s eyes; that’s an extraordinary result for any program of such category. The industry average score is 91.3 percentile. There aren’t too many features to make the UI and operation of the software too clumsy. Different modules are combined on the platform. Bitdefender is best in terms of performance, however speaking of number of features Kaspersky Internet Security is topping the game.

Avira Free Mac Security

If paying for antivirus isn’t within your bucket list, you could just get a free antivirus. These free programs are as good as a paid app but the number of features may be lesser than the full version – that’s pretty justified. Bitdefender Antivirus and Avira Free Mac Security – both these antivirus programs topped the AV-Test 2015 list with 100 percent accuracy rate while detecting malwares in a Mac system. Even though it’s a free program, yet there are features like Browser Safety Extension that scans users website browsing patterns and checks whether there’s any possible threat. However, unfortunately this extension can’t be installed on Safari browser. Overall output from Avira is very satisfactory.

Avast Free Mac Security

Avast Antivirus has different editions – but even the free version offers most features the paid version offers. The average on-access malware detection score for AV-Test 2015 was 98.3 and for on-demand malwares, the score hit a satisfactory 100 which put this program to be eligible for the three best Mac antivirus program list. Avast has been around for a long time now and over the last decade, users have embraced Avast antivirus because of their simplicity and vast number of features. Avast free antivirus continuously scans the internet usage pattern and verifies the links for authenticity. Real time background scan doesn’t slow down the Mac computer at all.


There are plenty other antivirus programs as well, but readers have vouched for these three when it came to sorting out a best in each category we have mentioned. You could either go for the paid antivirus, or stick with free protection – both offer security at an acceptable level.